Can I Increase My Salary?

If  you would like to increase your Navigator Salary, please follow this process before making a change request. 

1. Email Billie Spiers with the MPD Team and ask her for your Tracking Report.

2. Once you have your tracking report, answer these YES/NO questions before moving on to step 3:

a. Is my FY Ave Donor Income higher or equal to my FY Ave Support Plan?
b. Is my Reserves in the positive? 
c. Has my Reserves decreased gradually and/or not at all?
(Click here to learn how to read your tracking report)
If you answered YES to each of these questions, you may move on to step 3. If you answered NO to any of these questions you may not be in a position to increase your salary. Discuss your situation with your supervisor. 
3. Use the Budget Calculator tool to find your PROPOSED new salary. Save this document. 

4. Email your mission administrator (include your supervisor) with your filled-in and supervisor-approved budget calculator. 

If you have any questions or concerns, email your mission administrator for additional help.