Follow up to Power of Ten

Would you like to know what the PRT staff really thought about the funding focus? Here are statements from PRT staff who went through the funding focus.
Brad engaged and cared in a way that maybe staff didn’t want him to, but it was the right thing to do.
Brad got down to brass tacks with us: Who are you holding a face-to-face with? How long will the meeting be? What is your objective? 
I tend to be scattered (a “P” on the Meyers-Briggs), and Brad’s involvement and accountability helped me to focus.
I felt overwhelmed by MPD, but Brad simplified the plan and helped me break down the mountain of funding tasks into simple, realistic steps.
Brad’s advice often was, “Don’t go gently into goodnight. Here’s how you can present your ministry to this church who is pulling back in a way that helps them see what an impact the PRT makes. By supporting you, this church is keeping hundreds of missionaries on the field—healthy and able to minister. Supporting you multiplies their investment.” This gave me perspective and motivation to follow through when it would have been easy to roll over.
We all knew Brad was “in our corner.”  Yes, he enforced the rules (that we all agreed to), because they were in our best interest. But he also tempered rules with grace. He strengthened or loosened the rules based upon the need and situation.
Brad’s leadership is firm, supportive, and inviting. Getting those three qualities together is a huge help. Two out of three leaves people feeling alone. But when the three are present together, the results are huge.
Brad didn’t show frustration. It would have been easy at times for him to be frustrated when the team wasn’t doing what they should regarding funding. Yet, he pulls and coaxes instead of pushing.
Brad didn’t permit excuses for not working on funding. PRT, like everyone in ministry, has legitimate excuses for being so involved in ministry that we don’t have time for funding. Brad didn’t accept that. He said those who didn’t need to work on funding would cover for those who did.