​Church Appeal: Checklist - Items for a Church Missions Board

While you may know the missions pastor or one individual who will help you get a “foot in the door” with a church, remember that church giving decisions are often made by a committee of people—many of whom may not know you at all.

When appealing to a church (even if you think they know you well), provide thorough information on yourself and The Navigators.  Printed pieces will help everyone involved feel like they know you and understand your ministry.

Items to Include in a Church Packet:

-Introductory letter explaining briefly who you are and what your ministry will be

-The “Advancing the Gospel” brochure

-Navigator statement of faith (you can get from navigators.org)

-Your Missions’ funding brochure and/or your Missions general brochure

-A personal, announcement letter or newsletter about your specific ministry

-Your prayer card (which included a photo)


-Anything else the church requests


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