​Church Appeal: Overview and Tips

Churches can be another source of support to help you reach your funding goal. Although giving decisions usually don’t come quickly from churches, the benefits of financial and prayer support are usually worth the time and effort.


Tips for Appealing to Churches

Be Prayerful

Be Proactive

-Plan to approach several churches each year.

-Use a variety of resources to locate church prospects.

-Work through a friend (an advocate) in the church. Get to know someone in the church or on the missions committee.

-Ask for a larger gift amount than you would from an individual, but keep the request in line with the church’s giving preferences.

-Add the church (or individual missions committee members) to your mailing list.

Be Professional

-Fill out any paperwork completely, neatly, and in a timely manner.

-Prepare an excellent resume, including

-Name, contact information, and photo

-Personal testimony

-Calling to ministry

-Personal ministry background or experience

-Current ministry description with progress and results

-The Navigators’ calling, ministry distinctives, and values

-Financial overview (be specific)


-Some churches may ask you not to approach individuals in the church if you’re receiving support from the church’s mission budget. One way to honor this limitation and still approach personal relationships you already have in the church is to ask the mission committee chairman or the pastor for advice. You can express your desire to meet only with people you already know. Think strategically, based on your relationships with individuals. If the church still wants you to honor their policies, you will need to make a decision about the church supporting you or appealing to individuals within the church. Either way, think long term and think relationships.

Be Persistent

-Ask the appropriate person in the church if you can send him or her your newsletter and prayer cards.

-Call or visit the church at least twice a year to offer an update and to find out how the process for consideration is coming along.

Be Patient

-The church-appeal process may take several months and possibly even a year or more. It can take several meetings for the leadership to present the information and seek the Lord’s direction about giving to your ministry.

-If your request is being considered over a period of time, then expect to put in some time filling out paperwork for the church. It also may require additional meetings with key individuals or a missions committee.

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