Phone/Letter/Phone: Sample Phone Script

First Phone Call


Establish contact and seek permission to send a letter inviting them to partner with you financially.


Hi, is this Joe?

Joe, this is Bill Navigator how are you?

Is this a good time to talk?  (Small talk for a few minutes and catch up on a few personal areas.)

Main part of the script:

I’m calling because I’m working on a special ministry project this month.  I’m trusting God to add five more friends to my prayer and financial support team.  Normally, I’d try to visit you and talk about this in person but I don’t think I can make it out to Oregon.  So, I wanted to call and see if I could drop some info in the mail for you?  Then once you’ve had a chance to look it over I’ll call you again in about 10 days and we can discuss what I sent you.  Would that be okay?

A little more small talk and then say goodbye.


Letter Content

In the letter be sure to tell them why you’re excited about this particular ministry.  Include a brief summary of your main ministry focus and tell a ministry story.  Lastly, let them know a range of gifts that you’re trusting God for – maybe $50-$150 per month.  Tell them you’ll be happy to answer any questions when you call back in a few days.  (Include a response card and reply envelope with the letter but ask them to hang onto it until you phone them again.)


Second Phone Call


Answer any questions they might have about your ministry and see if they’d be willing to prayerfully consider partnering with you financially.  You can do the ask on the phone and explain the response card on the phone just like you would if you were with them.


Hi Joe, this is Bill – is this a good time to chat about my letter?  Did you and Molly have a chance to look it over?  Great, did you have any questions about my ministry with The Navigators?

Briefly answer any items they bring up.

Bill, as a Navigator missionary I’m responsible to build a prayer and support team from friends, family and local churches.  As I mentioned, this month I’m praying for five new monthly partners.  I often ask people to consider a gift in the $50 -$150 per month range.  Obviously, gifts of all sizes are needed and appreciated.  My favorite verse on giving is from the Message II Corinthians 9:7 “…make up your own mind what you should give.  That will protect you against sob stories and arm twisting.  God loves it when the giver delights in the giving.”  So I’m praying for partners who’d be delighted to join our team.

Would you like to take a few more days to pray and talk over your decision or have you guys already reached a decision about joining my team? 

That’s fine can I take another minute or two and explain the response card while we’re on the phone? Do you have the card I sent you handy? – Maybe we can look at it together.

There are several easy ways to support a Navigator missionary.  Probably the most popular is the EFT option.  This allows your gift to come out of your checking account automatically each month.  You just fill out the info on the back of the card on part 1.  Then include a check payable to The Navigators as your first gift.  After that all future gifts will be automatic each month.

You can also give recurring monthly gifts from your credit or debit card.  Be sure to fill out part 3 on the back of the card for that option. 

You can also write a check each month if you prefer.

Lastly, be sure to put in all your personal information on the front so you can be properly receipted.  When you’re ready to begin your support just send the card, and if applicable, your check in the envelope I provided.

I’d love to get back with you to see how the Lord has led you so I can track the progress I’m making.  Could I check back in 3 or 4 days?  Should I call, text or e-mail?

Thanks so much for considering my request – it means a lot to me.  Is there anything I can pray for you before we get off the phone tonight?

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