NEW Navigator Fundraising Materials

The MPD team presents new funding materials! Whether you’re raising your support for the first time, maintaining support after years of ministry, planning a funding trip, or participating in a conference or mission trip, these materials can help.
With an updated layout and new color scheme, the materials are designed to:
•       Provide an overview of The Navigators for people who may not know our organization
•       Guide you in passionately sharing your vision for ministry with potential giving partners
•       Lead you through inviting people to financial partnership
•       Address topics related to financial partnership, such as matching gifts, stock gifts, referrals, sup- port distribution, and online giving
The full line of materials includes:
•       Green pocket folder with an embossed Navigator logo
•       Making Disciples, the general Navigator brochure
•       Mission funding inserts (a unique one for each Mission)
•       Commitment card (printed with staff name and Nav ID) offering multiple giving options
•       Personalized prayer card with an option for customized prayer requests
•       Five supplemental cards:  stock gifts, matching gifts, support distribution graph, online giving, recommendations card
•       Thank-you and note cards
The materials are most effective when used in a face-to-face appeal, but they fit into a standard #10 en- velope to be mailed easily when meeting personally isn’t possible.
Materials are affordably priced and can be viewed and ordered at 

To view a written explanation on using the new materials, please click here

To view a video explanation of the new funding card and committment card, please click here

To view a video demonstration on using the new materials, please click here