Announcement Letter: Overview and Tips


After your decision to join staff, you can send an announcement letter to friends, family, and acquaintances. It “announces” that God has led you in a new direction—ministry with The Navigators. This letter will set the stage for you to tell people later about your ministry and funding goals.

Send to Whom?

Send this letter broadly to friends, family, and acquaintances. Ask, “Who would like to hear that God has led me/us to this new and exciting ministry?” Send it to everyone you can think of; they’ll be glad to hear your news.

When to Mail It

Send it one to six months prior to raising funds. Talk with your coach or supervisor to decide the best timing for your situation.

Announcement Letter Outline

1.    Introduction
 - Announce your new direction in a few sentences.

 - Or, start with a relevant story, then announce.

2.    Body (Answer these questions:)
 - How did God lead me/us to this point/decision? Let your enthusiasm show.
 - What am I going to do with The Navigators (brief summary)?

3.    Conclusion

Say that you would like to be in touch to tell them more of the details about your new ministry. For example:
 - “We would like to tell you more about how God has been moving in our lives.”
 - “I’ll be in touch to tell you more about my/our vision and ministry.”
 - “I’m excited about my future and would like to tell you more of the details and how you could be involved.”

Please Do Not

Do not use this letter to invite people to your ministry partner team. If you do, people may prematurely decide (yes or no) to give before having a chance to hear your ministry, vision, and financial goals. This letter aims to let people know about your new ministry, your excitement, and that you would like to tell them more. It can also invite prayer support. When you actually start fundraising, you’ll call people and then ask for some time together to tell more about your ministry and financial needs. During this appointment, you ask people to prayerfully consider joining your support team.

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