Annual Gift Renewal Letter: Sample 5


Dear (Ken and Olivia),

I hope this finds you both doing well.  I bumped into David’s old business partner, Kevin, at Office Max.  Kevin has started up another power washing business on his own on the side.  I think he does some painting as well.  My folks are hanging in there at 92 and 87.  I think I told you they moved and sold their place about 18 months ago.

Our family is doing well.  It’s been a full but good year for all of us.  Our three are 29, 27, and 21 – and in December, I turn 60.  I must admit that mentally it’s a bit of an adjustment for me.

We appreciate your partnership over the years and your very generous gift last December!  We’d be honored if you’d consider partnering with us again this fall.

Here’s a little update from my area of ministry.  Rich Berry, The Navigators’ Director of African-American Ministries, recently wrote the following:

“In every circle we are in, the cry for strong leadership is deafening.  Some argue that we are in a leadership vacuum.  We know that high-impact leaders are recruited and educated at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Our vision is to send teams of young African-American graduates to HBCUs for two years.  They will lead young people to Christ and expose them to biblical leadership principles.  The “door” is wide open.  Presently, we have a team at Bowie State University, and one starting at Florida A & M.  Last year the Bowie team led more than 50 students to Christ.  They need help to follow up these young people, and new campuses need to be opened.  Our greatest hindrance is financial support.

Our team at Bowie State longs to win this campus for Christ and raise up godly men and women who can lead and shape their families, communities, churches, and our country in the years ahead.

Recently, I’ve worked with the staff team at Bowie State University in Maryland, and inner-city ministries in Durham, NC, and Chicago, as well Hispanic ministries in Los Angeles and Miami.  I also helped with two key funding banquets in Maryland and Atlanta.  We have dozens of young Asian-American staff as well.

And there are others in the wings watching and considering whether to join our staff.  They want to see if the current minority staff have sufficient funds.

If they see that God is providing and that The Navigators is committed to helping them with the task of fundraising, I think we can recruit and retain many more gifted young minority leaders.  As our society changes, we need more and more minority staff to help reach those segments of our population.

That’s why I’m both excited and challenged, because my task is to serve these staff as they build their prayer and financial support teams.


It’s a privilege to serve these young minority staff as they take Christ’s love to places and people you and I could probably never reach.  I couldn’t begin to do this without the gifts and prayers of friends and partners like you. Thanks again for standing shoulder to shoulder with me as I go meet, train, and coach our minority missionaries!

If the Lord leads you to partner with us again this year, simply use the enclosed form and envelope and write your check payable to The Navigators and send it to headquarters.  If you prefer, you could also give online by going to

The last few years you’ve given $500 or $550 at the end of the year.  Would you be willing to consider a similar gift again this fall?  Be assured, we’ll be thrilled with whatever the Lord might lead you to do.

Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas season with family and friends!

Grateful for your partnership,



(NOTE: Remember to include the Navigator logo, your first and last name, address, phone, and e-mail.)

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