Annual Gift Renewal Letter: Sample 6


Dear (Wayne and Robin),

I hope this finds you both doing well.  How is your health these days, Wayne?  Has the economy impacted the shipyards?  Is the Navy spending more on maintaining ships rather than building new ones?

Last year at this time we were just returning from our trip to South Africa.  It’s sure been a full year for us with Daniel’s wedding and Liza’s mother passing away.  Thanks again for your huge gift to help us make the trip to Africa last fall!  I’m writing to see if you might be willing to help in a similar way this fall.

Since January I’ve been asked to lead our effort to help our ethnic minority staff as they trust God to fund their various ministries.  Last week I attended our national collegiate staff conference where I hosted a luncheon for 50 minority staff.  In the photo they are discussing their challenges and journeys in this endeavor of trusting God for financial support in cultures that don’t necessarily view fund raising the way we do in most white churches.

At this table we had mostly Asian Americans but also one Native American and a woman with predominately Swedish relatives.  I’m not sure Swedes are an ethnic minority, but Emma came to our luncheon anyway.  At other tables we had Hispanic, African-American and other Asian-American staff.

I have a lot to learn, but I feel I’m making steady progress.  Most of our minority staff are 35 years old or younger.  I love working with this younger generation of missionaries.

Over the years our financial support team has been made up of monthly and annual partners.  On occasion we’ve also asked friends to consider a special gift to help us.  Our trip to South Africa last year was one such occasion.  This week I’m writing several of you who gave to make our trip to South Africa possible.

I’m meeting with a few families to see if they’d consider joining our monthly support team, but I also wanted to ask the two of you if you’d be willing to prayerfully consider another special gift this fall.  Last year you gave $500 for our ministry trip.  Would you be willing to consider a similar gift again this year?  I’m praying for ten gifts in the $200 - $500 range from friends who gave special gifts last fall.  You can give by check, payable to The Navigators, or by going online at

We are excited to see how God provides again this fall.  Our hope is that we can begin 2010 with our funding in place so I can focus all of my energy on helping these great young missionaries.

In Christ,


P.S. If possible, we’d love to hear from you by December 31st.


(NOTE: Remember to include the Navigator logo, your first and last name, address, phone, and e-mail.)

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