E-Newsletters for the Small Screen: New Guidelines for E-Comm.

With more people reading email on small screens (some say as many as 78%), it’s important to adapt your electronic communication to this trend. Here are a few tips.

  • Use simple graphics. The simpler your design and content, the more likely its appearance will remain intact across different browsers and devices. Avoid animation. Limit graphics to 1-2 low-resolution photos and the Navigator logo. Format e-newsletters to 600 pixels wide.
  • Carefully craft the subject line. Convince readers to open your message based on the subject line. Keep subject lines to six words, and make them count!
  • Organize content. Keep paragraphs short, and add space between paragraphs. Bulleted or numbered lists are easier to scan than long paragraphs.
  • State important information first. State in the first paragraph important information or actions you’d like readers to take. Scrolling, slow-loading messages, and reading “on the go” may keep readers from making it to the end of your e-newsletter.
  • Include links. Keep content to a minimum, and include links to sites where people can read more or take actions (landing page, blog, an online giving site, etc.).
  • Include your name and contact information. Put your first and last name on every communication in a place where readers can find it easily, and include at least one way people can contact you (e.g., email, phone, mailing address).

Adapted from Tips for Creating Holiday Emails for Mobile Phones, Vertical Response (www.verticalresponse.com), October 2011.

Molly Gilberts, MPD—Communications
Contact Molly Gilberts via email at molly.gilberts@navigators.org.

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