Prayer Requests and Updates

You’ll want to invite people to pray with and for you as you minister, and there are now many ways to enlist prayer:

-Newsletters (in a sidebar in the newsletter, or on a separate “buckslip” included with the newsletter that people can hang on the refrigerator or stick in their Bible)

-Facebook (many people are making a Facebook group or page—something in addition to their personal page—especially dedicated to their ministry)




Have you noticed how in this technology age, people expect immediacy?  If a person asks you a question in an email at 1:04, at 1:07 they’ll begin feeling frustrated if you haven’t responded.  Keep this in mind when you blast out prayer requests over the internet.  People now expect to hear pretty quickly how their prayers were answered.
You’ll keep your prayer partners rallied and more satisfied if you give them a quick report on what you asked them to pray for.

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