Protecting Security: A Kinder Approach

Staff serving in sensitive countries often write, “Please do not post or distribute this newsletter,” in their communications.  While the intent of this phrase may be necessary, the actual phrase feels like a “Keep off the grass” sign in a person’s yard.  It’s not welcoming.

Certainly staff serving in sensitive countries and the people in their ministry legitimately face security issues.  Being “found out” could mean visas denied, people’s safety threatened, and deportation. No one’s challenging the need for discretion, but is there a kinder, gentler way to express it?

Here’s an alternative:

Help keep my ministry safe by sharing it with others only verbally, not in writing.  Thanks!

I feel this communicates to readers that you’re glad they’re reading your letter, you appreciate their desire to share your ministry information with others who might be interested (you never know where prayer and financial support could come from!), and you need their help in being discreet with sensitive information.

Molly Gilberts, MPD Team—Communications

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