Appeal Letter Tip: Listing Amount vs. Percentage

When writing an appeal letter, state either the dollar amount or the percentage of budget you need to raise, but not both.

Why? When dollar amounts and percentages appear together in the same letter, some people will “do the math” and jump to false conclusions about your salary. Or, being “off” in calculations can raise questions in people’s minds.

Dollar amount (preferred): List how much additional income you are trusting God for and how it will advance the Gospel and the ministry. For example, “We are trusting God for 20 people to give between $50 and $150 each month to reach our goal of $2,200 in additional monthly support. This will allow us to attend a conference/train new staff/visit the field, which will result in….” Notice this wording emphasizes partnership, not need, deficit, or getting up to budget.

Percentage: If you state you must raise 32% more to reach full funding, avoid including a dollar amount with it.

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