Gift Increase Letter: Overview and Tips

When was the last time your ministry partners increased their support?  Occasionally a ministry partner will increase his support on his own, but for the most part, the level where a donor begins is the level where a donor stays—unless you ask for an increase! 

Asking could increase your overall level of support from 15-25%.

Here’s how to ask for an increase:

-Send your ministry partners a letter asking them to consider raising their support by $10, $25, or if they are able, to even double their present level of support.

-Instruct them how to increase their support by changing the amount on the portion of the receipt they return with their next gift, or in the case of electronic or credit card givers, by calling Accounting Process Center (866-568-7827) to request a new amount.

-If your donors don’t currently give by electronic funds transfer, when you contact them about increasing, also suggest this easy, convenient, secure method of giving—and it will help ensure that you receive the new giving amount.  Be ready to send partners a commitment card that details signing up for EFT it they’re interested.

-Don’t limit the increase conversation just to monthly partners, ask quarterly and annual givers, too!

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