Gift Increase Letter: Sample 1


Dear Friend,

(Personal paragraph.)

I wanted to show you a quality video from The Navigators – just a little under four minutes long.  You’ll see the breadth of what God is doing through our organization.  Hope you enjoy it.

One of the fun things to realize – almost a personal “Did You Know” about the us – is that there are three trips to Colorado in the next four months.  The team of six staff, whom I get to lead out there, is responsible for part of the training of every new collegiate staff.  This past spring, we worked in Colorado Springs with 158 of our new staff heroes who minister across this country.  Here’s what two of them said on their evaluation of that training:

“You’ve given us good tools to build our confidence in getting started.  Thank you!”

“This summit was an answer to prayer for a greater vision for ministry.”

In addition to Colorado, the Northeast shepherding responsibilities also continue to grow, and I love it.  The 27-day fall shepherding trip is planned, but I find ourselves “a tad short” – that’s New England speak.  Our income for salary and ministry has been averaging $889 per month below budget for 10 months.  So, that has become our new fundraising goal - $889 in new monthly income.  Trying to emulate Nehemiah’s 40-day rebuilding the wall campaign, I’m seeking to rebuild our financial walls and am into the last couple of weeks. We have met personally with 43 of our partners, and have seen Jehovah Jireh provide $730/month toward our goal.

Please read the enclosed testimonies of our staff “sheep” as they relate the value of your investment in us.  Then, would you pray about increasing your giving by $ ?  Wish we could sit down with you.  For now the phone and this note will have to suffice.  Let me give you a call in a week or so to see how God has led.




(NOTE: Remember to include the Navigator logo, your first and last name, address, phone, and e-mail.)

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