Gift Increase Letter: Sample 3

Dear Donor,

Thank you for your faithful, generous support of the work God is doing at South Dakota State University. We have much to be thankful for as we anticipate starting our fourth year of ministry at SDSU in just five weeks. This fall we will be joined in our efforts to reach and disciple college students by four EDGE staff (The Navigators' program for recent college graduates), a student leadership team of thirty, and a few local volunteers who are willing to invest their limited free time in college students. God is faithful, and He has worked through your generosity to keep us going on campus. 

I am writing today, to share with you about a new challenge we face. With six weeks to go before a new fiscal year starts, we need $400 in additional monthly ministry support. This represents an increased cost of living from our growing family and increased expenses from a growing ministry. Our leadership has encouraged us to address this need now so we can begin the fall semester fully available to minister and lead our team effectively. We are praying and trusting the Lord that this support will come from two sources:

New Monthly Partners. We have been taking advantage of not having a summer outside of Brookings to tell local friends about our ministry and invite them to join our support team. Some of them have, and some are still considering it.

Support increases by current monthly partners. If we were to receive $200 total in monthly increases from our current support partners, this would meet half of our remaining goal. For some, this may mean an increase of $10; for others this may mean an increase of $50. Whatever the amount, we will receive it with much gratitude. Could I ask you to consider praying about increasing your monthly support-allowing us to reach and disciple more students?

I hope you understand I'm asking not because we're dissatisfied with your current level of giving. On the contrary, we are asking you because you have already been generous to us, you have already demonstrated a commitment to our ministry, and you have stood behind us to this point, and you may be in a position to respond to the request.

Because it's important for us to know where we stand financially, I will contact you in a week or two to see how God has led. In the meantime, if you'd like to make an increase and give by EFT or credit card, you can simply call our Accounting Process department at 1-866-568-7827. If you prefer giving by check, simply make the change on your next gift to The Navigators and include a note saying that this is "the new norm." Thank you in advance for however the Lord leads you.

Your partners in ministry.

Joe and Suzy Navigator

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