Leaving Staff Letter: Overview and Tips

If the day comes for you to leave staff, we’ll miss you, but contact your Mission administrator and APC to work through the details of leaving.

Another aspect of leaving The Navigators we’d like you to consider concerns your ministry partners.  Ministry Partner Development encourages you to:

-Communicate well with your ministry partners so they know you’re leaving staff and when their last gift should be given.  Make sure they understand that you’d like them to continue giving until your account is clear (no deficit).

-Unless you’re transferring to another ministry and want to keep your donors, encourage ministry partners to transfer their giving to another Navigator staff.  

Do you work and minister closely with another staff who struggles with support levels?  A new staff who is just getting started in ministry?  “Introduce” your giving partners to another staff person in a letter, explain his or her ministry, and invite your donors to transfer their support from you to your friend.  See this section for a sample letter!

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