Address Service Requested

Adding ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED on your newsletter envelope is a great low-cost way to make sure your ministry partner gets your mailing AND you keep up-to-date with address changes.

By adding ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED line to your First Class mailing, you get the following:

-1-12 months after address change:

-Mail automatically forwards to the new address, as long as the recipient filled out a USPS forwarding address form.  If your recipient didn't forward their address, the letter gets returned to you as undeliverable.

-ADDED BENEFIT - You get a postcard from USPS with the recipient's updated address.  You will be charged $.50 per address update for this service (subject to change), which is well worth keeping in touch with your ministry partners.  You can set up a Postage Due Account to automatically pay these charges.

-13-18 months after address change (normal procedure):

-Mail piece is returned with new address attached.  You are responsible for resending the piece with the address corrected.

-18+ months after address change (normal procedure):

-Mail piece is returned with reason for nondelivery attached (no forwarding address provided).


If you do not add ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED, your mail forwards in the same manner; however, you do not get the updated address for your records.

Below is a USPS diagram of the four acceptable locations.  The easiest and most common is to simply add it under your return address (option 1).  Note to type the line in all caps with a space between it and your return address.

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