Possible Newsletter Topics

Navigator Strategy Basics

  • Recruiting (evangelism)—story of someone coming or who recently came to Christ
  • Discipling—story of someone you are discipling
  • Equipping—story of someone you are teaching to disciple another
  • Sending—story of someone who was sent out…to another country, mission, marketplace, etc.


The Wheel


  • The Word—Tell about what you are teaching a group. How has the Word helped someone grow or believe in Jesus through Bible study? How are you getting people into the Word?
  • Prayer—What part does prayer play, what are you praying for your campus, what’s a big answer to prayer, how is prayer changing someone’s life? What spiritual warfare is happening?
  • Fellowship—How is the influence of the Body/fellowship impacting someone coming to Christ or growing in Christ, what are you doing to facilitate Christ-centered fellowship, how do you see the fellowship in Bible study influencing?
  • Witnessing—Tell about one witnessing experience.


Other Possible Topics

  • An unusual witnessing idea
  • A person showing promising growth
  • A difficulty you’re facing
  • A spiritual lesson (but no sermons!)
  • An interesting person you met
  • An obstacle in your ministry
  • A conversation
  • A life-changing insight from a book
  • Start with the Scriptures—countless themes are found there!
  • Being an insider
  • Trusting God
  • Working together
  • Helping others
  • Family happenings (you can use as the central topic if there is a special event; otherwise, mention family at the end of your newsletter or in the post script)
  • Moving
  • Change in ministry role
  • Basic news and information—bullet points are helpful here
  • Prayer for something special
  • Think of a series of topics (makes planning easier)—for example, one staff person in the military did a newsletter series on “A Believer’s Struggle in the Marine Corps.” It talked about their struggles with purity and keeping their tongues free from sin, etc.
  • Holiday themes: Christmas, New Years, Easter, Fourth of July, etc.
  • Travel adventures
  • Personalize a major news event—Ex.: Sept. 11, 2001. What were you doing on that day? Could you write a compelling story about someone in your ministry who was directly affected? How has the event affected you or those you minister to?
  • Major life events: marriage, births, deaths, graduations, etc.
  • Updates—Tell a story about someone in your ministry, then update readers in the next newsletter
  • Focus on a country (especially if that is where you are going to minister or that is where you are now)
  • Focus on cultural differences and/or similarities (if you are located in a different country)
  • Talk about what God is doing in your own life
  • Causes that you are supporting—ex.: you are leading a “choose life” campaign
  • Ministry-related events—especially for those on college campuses
  • Encounters with neighbors and strangers
  • Use an allusion in the beginning and carry it throughout the newsletter (examples: bridge, train, traffic lights…so many possibilities!
  • The ministry of….serving, listening, comforting, loving, lifting others’ spirits, healing, etc.

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