Top 5 Newsletter Mistakes

  1. Not sending newsletters regularly. Keep donors informed of your ministry by sending at least four newsletters a year. Donors want to hear from you! Honor their investment in you by communicating with them frequently.
  2. Uninteresting letters. Rehashing everything you have done since your last letter is as interesting as photocopying a page out of a Daytimer—and as unlikely to be read. Reports are not interesting; stories are. Instead, illustrate one exciting aspect of your ministry with a well told, descriptive story. Leave the story unfinished and create anticipation for your next letter. Use a picture, too!
  3. Writing in the "wrong person." If you write the newsletter, refer to yourself as "I" or "me" instead of your first name. For example, say, "I attended Bible study," instead of "Molly attended Bible study." Referring to yourself in newsletters by your first name confuses readers.
  4. Leaving out the basics. In every newsletter, include the specific date, The Navigators logo, a personal salutation, your contact information, and a handwritten signature.
  5. No white space. A page that's too full overwhelms the reader. Make your newsletter "easy on they eye" by setting margins at least one inch on all sides and leaving space between paragraphs and around pictures.

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