DPImagine.com is a ministry resource that can help you design and produce high quality prayer cards, newsletters, email updates, brochures and more.


What Does DPI do?

DPI matches you with a professional designer to create a custom designed prayer card for you. The designer will use your picture(s) and your desires for content and layout. We do not use any prefabricated layouts. These are true custom designs.


Our Goals

Our goals are to glorify God and to serve those who serve Him. All DPI profits go to directly full time work in the least-reached parts of our world! DPI was created to provide a high quality product that is affordable to the typical ministry budget. We have done everything we can to keep expenses low so that we can keep prices low. At the same time, we have also determined that all profits will go back into the missionary/ministry community by employing professional designers who are already in ministry in one form or another and know what it is like to live with a ministry budget.

How Does DPI Keep Prices so LOW?

Because one of our primary goals is to save our missionary brothers and sisters money, we do everything we can to limit overhead expenses while keeping quality high. We have established agreements with press printers and photo developing companies who print for us at reduced prices which we can then pass on to our customers.

Why Should I Consider DPI?

DPI is committed to serve you as ministers, missionaries, or missions teams. We believe there are four reasons you should consider allowing us serve you:

-Price: We have pledged to offer the best prices available for prayer cards, prayerletters and other services. We see this as a way to come alongside your ministry rather than a business tactic.

-Quality: We offer the highest quality available. From design to print to products used, we have determined that we will NOT sacrifice quality to keep costs low.

-Individual Attention: Unlike other companies, DPI does not use "cookie cutter" templates and present it to you as a custom design. We match you one-on-one with a professional designer who will create a prayerletter from scratch to specifically address your needs.

-Ministry Commitment: All profits of DPI go to full-time work in the least reached parts of the world. In addition, all of our staff are committed ministers themselves who have determined to spend their time and money in the service of Christ.

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