The Navigators' Internal Communications Department

The Internal Communications Department provides the following services to Navigator staff:

-Newsletters (everything except writing it!)

-Address lists created and maintained

-Letters with merge information (salutation, past giving records, etc.)

-Envelopes for small or large mailings

-Color copies off a laser printer

-Help in assembling large mailings


-Workshop or seminar notebooks and handouts

-Correspondence given by dictation, typed copy or longhand copy

-Transcription of seminars, workshops, focus groups

-Book reports' highlighted book material formatted for easy reference

-Manuscripts typed, proofed and edited

-Conference schedules

-Reports or proposals with tables, charts or outlines

-Meeting minutes typed and formatted

-Survey comments tabulated

A current price list is available on the Internal Communications page of NavCentral.

For more information, contact Brenda Lagasse (719-594-2379 or

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