2014 Important Year-end Appeal Info

Why should you mail a year-end funding appeal letter?
·      Many people make charitable gifts in December. Why not to your ministry?
·      Quadrupling your average monthly income in December and January will help you through months when giving is lower (e.g., March).
What donation links should you use in written or electronic communications?
·      To send donors directly to your giving page, use www.navstaff.org/give/NavID. (After November 4, this is the only format that will work.)
·      To send donors to your staff page, use this quick link: www.navstaff.org/lastname. Quick links can be set up by contacting Billie at billie.spiers@navigators.org or x. 2493.
·      Donors can easily search for you at www.navigators.org.
Additional funding appeal letter tips.
1.     Mail your letter between November 24 and December 12.
2.     Funding appeals should be paper letters, not electronic.
3.     Consider segmenting your list into categories.  Write one core letter and change the appeal for each group.
·      Thank monthly givers for being faithful ministry partners, and invite them to consider increasing their current monthly amount or making a special year-end gift above their regular giving. 
·      Thank annual givers for previous gifts, and invite them to make a similar gift and even to consider increasing their gift amount.
·      Thank lapsed givers for their past support and invite them to rejoin the team.
·      Invite potential givers to begin giving on a monthly or annual basis.
4.     Mention early (first or second paragraph) that you will make a financial appeal at the end of the letter.
5.     Include a moving story of something God has done in your ministry recently.
6.     Avoid words such as deficit, budget, shortfall, and need.  Instead, focus on your vision and how God is working in people’s lives.
7.     State your exact funding goal and suggest a range of giving for monthly and special gifts.
8.     Remind people when (by December 31) and how to give (include a commitment card and envelope and the link to online giving).
9.     Follow up the appeal in mid-December.  Call 20 recipients to personally invite them to give, or email recipients and include a giving update and link to give electronically
10. Thank people as soon as possible when you see their gift arrive.
Find sample letters and additional tips at www.navigatormpd.org under Newsletters/Letters/Year-end Appeal Letter.
If you’d like free editing or feedback on your letter, email your letter molly.gilberts@navigators.org.