Year-End Appeal Letter: Potential Giver Letter -- NEW!

December 6, 2011

Dear Merged Name»,

Thursday is The Navigators Headquarters Christmas party, and Margaret was asked to share the message on the theme Christmas Around the World. She plans to share on the Relationship that Rocked the World – Immanuel – God with us. We’re doing a reading from Max Lucado’s The Angel’s Story that dramatizes the fictitious conversation between God, Gabriel and Satan before God sends His Spirit to Mary to bring about His radical plan.

She’ll share from Luke 1:35, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.” Like Mary, God can overshadow us and birth in us life everyday and plans that change other lives that change the world.

As we reflect on the theme for the party, it’s a great picture of what 2012 holds for us – helping bring the message of God with us to a world that desperately needs him. We will continue ministry in local churches as well as two international trips with our expanded role of Co-directing Church Discipleship Ministry. Let us update you!

Ministry in Local Churches

As I sat down to write this letter, we just completed our weekly call with the core team of one of the churches we are working with in the Intentional Discipleship Church Process, and gave each other a high five – they’ve GOT IT! After more than a year of working toward transforming the culture to one clearly focused on making disciples, we heard rapid-fire accounts of stories of life change.

Mark and Denise told of two Iranian men, Jay, a recent convert to Christ and Dax who hasn’t yet made a decision that have been attending the Christianity 101 class they have been leading that was developed after a thorough review of the infrastructure of the church. It was an important part of a pathway to spiritual maturity that was missing. An emergency call between worship and Sunday School required the men to leave immediately, but Jay stopped by the class to let Mark and Denise know they wouldn't be there that day and just to see the people in the classroom that have ministered to him so deeply on his new journey with Christ.

Karen, the Associate Pastor we have worked so closely with went on to tell two stories that so encouraged our hearts, and prayerfully yours as well. At their staff Christmas party, the staff began discussing next year’s Wednesday night offerings. One of the other staff members, NOT prompted in any way by Karen, suggested that the focus be entirely on life-to-life. The rest of the staff jumped on the bandwagon, and before they knew it they had fleshed out a midweek meeting that provided childcare and the opportunity for triads and quads (groups of three or four men or women) to meet together for life-to-life discipleship. They would start with a process similar to a fraternity rush where people interested in taking part in a triad, quad, or one-to-one would meet together in January and look for natural relationships for connection.

She went on to tell how many triads and quads were spontaneously “popping up” at church. Many of them were amazing blends of longtime saints and brand new believers – most of which no human mind would have put together, but our amazing Lord brought about.

International Trips

This October, Margaret and I have the opportunity to travel to Kenya. Margaret will be a delegate at the International Forum in Nairobi, Kenya. This gathering of the International Leadership Community of our Navigator Worldwide Partnership will focus on looking at the progress we are making in seeing our Calling, Core Values, and Vision lived out in our different contexts. They will be asking: What kind of partnership do we need to be to see our Vision become an increasing reality in more and more parts of the world? After the meetings Margaret and I will visit the International CDM work in Kenya and several missionaries. Our work with the Kenyan church in Dallas has opened several doors for ministry. 

Additionally, we have an opportunity to return to Honduras if the funds are available. World Gospel Outreach (WGO) the strategic ministry we have worked with in Tegucigalpa, Honduras for the last three years would like us to come back again in early January 2012. The trip involves working directly with their CEO and executive management team to further impact their effectiveness in “reaching Honduras for Christ.” Last year, the results were absolutely incredible as we saw break throughs in healing of relationships and stronger teamwork to accomplish their calling more effectively. God has really laid this ministry and its leaders on our hearts, and we appreciate your partnership by extension. Additionally, we will be helping to develop a discipleship pathway for training Honduran pastors.

Giving Request

We covet your prayers for all that will be happening in 2012. To continue to serve in this capacity, we need additional financial support. Several of our ministry partners have experienced job loss and other significant economic reversals, impacting their ability to give. If this describes your circumstances as well, please forgive our asking, and let us know so we can be praying for you. The bottom line result for us has been the loss of $1,219 in monthly investments or $14,628 annually.

The costs associated with our anticipated 2012 needs are:

Monthly/annual shortfall $1,219/14,628

Kenya travel and related costs 5,200

Honduras travel $1,194

TOTAL $21,022

«Merged Name», as we close out the year, we want to ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us by joining our team with a monthly pledge toward our shortfall or a special year-end gift toward one of these needs. We are praying for 20 new partners to join our team with monthly commitments of $50, $100, or any amount they are led to invest! You can specify either on the enclosed reply card, or allow us to designate your gift to the area of greatest need. If we receive more than we need for either area, we will shift it to the other.

Love in Christ,

Roy and for Margaret

P.S. To partner with us, please make your check payable to The Navigators and send it with the enclosed card postmarked by December 31. You can also give online by going to and choosing “Donate Online”.

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