Year-End Appeal Letter: Sample 10 -- NEW!

Dear Ones,

We know how busy you are this week, so we won’t take much of your time. We wanted to provide a brief update since our year-end letter.

The devotional Margaret shared at our Headquarters Christmas party went well. The dramatic reading we did from The Angel’s Story was successful in helping people to look at Christmas differently and being open to the Holy Spirit “overshadowing us” – changing our thoughts and plans to His.

We also spoke to the CEO of World Gospel Outreach last week to plan our time with him and his leadership team. We look forward to continuing the team building we did last year and work on core values and strategic direction for the ministry. We’d appreciate your prayers for our time there January 5-14!

Your gifts and prayers make this possible! We are at 32% of our goal for year-end. Here's a reminder of our goals:

Monthly/annual amount $1,219/14,628

Kenya travel and related costs $5,200

Honduras travel $1,194

TOTAL $21,022

If this email has crossed in the mail or cyberspace with your gift, we apologize. If you haven't had an opportunity to respond yet, we encourage you to pray and ask God how He would have you be involved. If you give by check, your envelope must be postmarked by December 31, 2011 to count toward your 2011 giving. You can also give online by going to

We deeply appreciate your sacrificial investment in this ministry.

Merry Christmas!

Roy and for Margaret

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