Year-End Appeal Letter: Sample 3

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Dear Friends,

The ministry of working with local church leaders is the most challenging and fruitful Jane and I have experienced! Here’s one example of what God is doing:

A Houston pastor named Garth commented to me, “I thought I was involved in evangelism until I went through the training that you did for our church leaders. Now I am focused upon each relationship as an opportunity to share Christ in a way that is natural for me.” Garth and his wife invited a couple they met at an exercise class over for dinner to continue sharing the gospel. Another couple Garth met at Little League football is in a book of John study and Patty trusted Christ last Monday evening!

I’m writing today to ask for your financial help in partnering with us so that people like Pastor Garth can continue to be changed and then help other people change. We want to establish churches all over as environments intentional about making disciples and reaching the lost. This month alone, we have had calls from three new pastors asking for help! Just as our ministry challenges and opportunities increase, so does the need for funding this incredible ministry.

Another example was in Arkansas when a pastor rushed to the podium and exclaimed, “This is what we need in our district, practical how-to’s of discovering and carrying out a vision for our church.” I had just finished the last of three messages on the EFCA Mid-south District Fall Conference theme, “Daring to Dream Again.”

We are excited about giving our lives to help churches and pastors like Garth in the process of becoming Intentional Disciple-making Churches (IDC), which create environments for life change. The Navigators’ Church Discipleship Ministry - (CDM) vision is: Every person in America having the opportunity to become a fruitful disciple through an Intentional Disciplemaking Church.

One way of doing this is teaching in training seminars, which I love and do often. Another way is to ‘train the trainers.’ I shepherd and supervise our CDM staff in seven major metro areas as they coach pastors and lay leaders in the IDC process. I also resource our 12 CDM metro team leaders so they and their staff can be fully funded.

But my efforts are being hampered by a shortfall in my own support and I need your help. Over the past year our support has been $6,670 below our ministry needs. We need to make up this shortfall by year-end.

The alternative would be to stop my current ministry efforts and focus full-time on raising our complete funding. I am willing to do this but am in an awkward position of leading three major initiatives for The Navigators – CDM. I do not want to bring ‘start-and-stop’ leadership to these critical initiatives. Will you help me bring continuity to these critical initiatives?

A special gift that goes beyond your regular giving would be extremely helpful. Over the span of one year our $6,670 financial need is equivalent to $128/week. Will you send a special gift to cover one or more “weeks” of this need by December 31?

Your gift will help people like Garth and many more believers actively pursue relationships with non-believers to show and share Christ with them. Thank you in advance for however the Lord leads you.

Your Co-laborers in Christ,

Personal Signature

Joe and Jane Navigator

P.S. To give, please make your check payable to The Navigators and send with the enclosed card by December 31.

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