Year-End Appeal Letter: Sample 5

Month Day, Year

Dear Bob and Dorothy,

I am writing today to say thank you and to share an important financial concern. Through your prayers and support, you demonstrate that you care about Diane and me, our family, and the ministry to which God has called us. We are grateful. Thank you!

Our income comes both from monthly givers and occasional or year-end project givers. Both are extremely important and necessary for us to be fully funded and available to minister.

Currently, we must raise $14,801 to end the year in the black and launch us into another year of ministry. I thought you would appreciate knowing how the funds would be used specifically.

-Your gift will enable us to keep on reaching, discipling, and equipping spiritually hungry African-Americans.

-Our home is our primary place of ministry, and the foundation needs repair. A large crack will require a structural engineer. We have thought about selling the house, but we picked this location because it was strategic to our ministry, and the house is perfect for Bible studies, seminars, fellowships, and basketball tournaments. We would be hard pressed to find another house as well suited to our ministry as this one. Also, a home with a large crack in the foundation would be hard to sell unless it was sold at a huge loss.

So, may Diane and I ask you to pray about sending a gift before December 31? The amount is up to you. Gifts of all sizes are needed--$25, $50, $500, $1,000. God bless you and thank you for your partnership with us. Together we are reaching souls for Christ!

Because of HIM,

Ed and Diane Navigator

P.S. To give, please make checks payable to “The Navigators” and return it with enclosed card in the envelope provided. May we hear from you by December 13? Thanks!

Include The Navigator logo and your contact information

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