Year-End Appeal Letter: Sample 6

Month Day, Year

Dear friends,

I’m writing to ask for your financial help as we end the year. But first, let me update you on some of the exciting things happening at Purdue.

The Cutting Edge of Evangelism

This semester we have been busy contacting students who filled out surveys indicating they wanted to join a Bible study or see an illustration that explains the gospel. More than 20 small groups were started to help Christians grow and seekers learn about Jesus.

In the process of contacting students, Clint (our teammate) met Josh who was searching. Clint challenged Josh to read The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. The plan was for them to meet weekly until December and then for Josh to decide whether he would trust in Christ or not. Josh could only hold out for 4 weeks before praying to receive Christ!

Laura (a student leader) took the initiative to begin a conversation with Becky. The second time they got together, Becky was ready to receive Christ. Recently, God also used Laura to help Sarah find Jesus.

Todd and Michael (student leaders) met Zade, who was a freshman in Michael’s dorm. Zade had been praying for someone to help him understand the Bible. Zade carefully listened to the gospel and later that evening made his decision for Christ.

It’s exciting to see students find Christ, but we’re even more excited to see them growing! Michael is helping Zade become a disciple. Last Sunday, Michael and Todd took Zade to a church where he gave his testimony. When I talked with Zade last night at our weekly large group meeting, he was glowing from ear to ear!

The Cutting Edge of Training

Three years ago, the Navigators asked us to move to West Lafayette to train intern staff at Purdue. We meet with students to share Christ and disciple them, but our primary focus was multiplying our ministry by training intern staff.

Tom and Sue Smith, who completed their staff training at Purdue, recently moved to San Diego to start a Navigator campus ministry. God rewarded their faith by providing their finances, a home close to campus, and many ministry opportunities. They lead a Bible study for Christians and one for seekers. Recently Tom led a student to Christ. Paul Jones also spent 3 years with us at Purdue. He is moving to Boulder where he’ll direct the Navigators at Colorado University.

Right now we are training 10 intern staff at Purdue. We are challenged as we prepare and lead 3-hour seminars on various aspects of the collegiate ministry each week in our home. We also enjoy the weekly one-on-one times with each staff, helping them in their personal lives and ministry. We go with them on evangelism and visit their Bible studies in the dorms or fraternities. We feel great satisfaction in helping them disciple students who, in turn, reach out and disciple others. Second Timothy 2:2 summarizes our vision:

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.”

Keeping Us On The Cutting Edge

Our efforts to stay on “the cutting edge” have been hampered by a shortfall in our support. We need your help! Over the past 12 months, our support has been $10,308 below our budget. This amounts to a shortfall of $859 each month. We need to make up this shortfall so we can effectively minister at Purdue.

Will you pray about a special year-end gift to keep us on the cutting edge in training staff and reaching the 37,000 students at Purdue? Would you pray especially about a $100 or $200 gift? To achieve our goal of $10,308, gifts of $500 and $1,000 will also be necessary. Your gift of any amount will be received with gratefulness!

In Christ,

Joe and Jane Navigator

P.S. To give, please return the enclosed card and envelope with your check, payable to The Navigators by December 31. Thank you!

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