Year-End Appeal Letter: Sample 8

Dear friend,

I'm eager to give you a "snapshot" of our ministry and invite you to partner with us financially. First though, meet "Lily."

A bright and independent girl, Lily, came to the U.S. from China as a graduate student three years ago. Before leaving her country, a professor advised her saying, "the best thing you can do in America is learn about God." She thought it was odd but kept her teacher's advice in mind. 

I first met Lily at student orientation just a couple of weeks after she arrived in our country. I wrote her name down, asking God to give me more opportunities to befriend her. We eventually reconnected and spent much time together cooking and sharing meals; watching movies; and talking about God, Jesus and the Bible. She shared her dreams and struggles and let me pray for her. I also shared my heart. Lily regularly attended weekly Bible studies and discussions. 

One night, as I was dropping her off after our usual Thursday night Bible study, she announced, "I think I'm ready to believe and follow Jesus." I looked at her and saw sincerity, peace, and joy from the Lord. I knew she was ready! So I prayer with her in the car. She was baptized that semester at a local church and started growing in Christ. 

Lily and I still connect regularly through phone, email and Facebook. The other night on the phone, she shared how she is spending time with a student and wanting to lead her to Jesus. I could hear Lily's passion to reach out and disciple others! She even shares with her parents about Jesus and recently helped her younger brother come to Christ.

She said recently, "Thank you for praying for me to believe and for spending all that time with me. I want to do for others what you have done in my life. Thanks for setting an example and for showing me Christ's love and kindness." I could hardly hold back the tears as I responded, "Lily, I am so proud of you. Praise God for the mighty way He is working in your life and calling you to reach out to others!"

Your partnership through prayer and financial support makes a difference in the lives of people like Lily and other students from nations such as Panama, Ghana, Korea and Japan. You are our co-laborers, investing together with God and us to take the Gospel to the nations!

To continue impacting the world through international students, we must raise $2,000 in additional monthly support. 

Would you pray about supporting us monthly or giving an extra gift this December? Gifts of all sizes are needed-$50, $75, $100 or more a month. Your gift of any amount will be received with gratefulness! We are also asking God for anchor donors who are able to give $500 or $1,000 a month and annual gifts of $2,500-$5,000.

Part of our challenge as a young missionary couple, and for me as ethnic staff, is that our network of influence is not large. We long to fully and freely devote our time to sharing the Gospel with international students, discipling and training them to be His lifetime laborers-just like Lily. We want to help them advance the Kingdom to their families and friends and to their nation. Would you also pray about helping us expand our network by sharing our ministry with your friends, Sunday school class or church?

Thanks again for everything! May you have a special holiday season as we celebrate God's greatest gift to us-His Son Jesus Christ.

For His glory,


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