Communicating with Anchor Partners: Ways to Keep in Touch Throughout the Year

Contacting anchor partners regularly, in addition to inviting them to support you or sending thank-you notes, is key to deepening relationships with them. A good goal is to touch base with each anchor partner seven times a year. With all the technology we have at our fingertips, connecting with ministry partners can be easy and allows us to tailor communication to our donors’ preference. Here are four ways to connect.

  1. E-mails, texts, and Facebook. With a smartphone or computer, you can easily let donors know you are praying for them, just thinking of them, or make a comment on what they have posted on Facebook to let them know you are interested in their life. Or, why not send them an e-mail letting them know of a website or article you think they may enjoy, something of interest from the Navigator website, or Doug Nuenke’s blog? This keeps them connected to what you are doing and to the larger picture of The Navigators.
  2. Sending a card or resource. Sending birthday cards, anniversary cards, or resources you think may minister to donors lets them know you really listen to them and care about their interests. If they do not already receive the Navigator One to One Ministry Review*, direct them to where they can read what God is doing throughout the ministry. And ministry partners also love Nav Tools ( to enrich their walk with the Lord.
  3. Phone calls and messages. Statistics show the phone tops the list of technology as being the best way to touch base with people, because it allows them to hear the warmth in your voice. Don’t be discouraged if you must leave a message, because at the end of a hectic day, your friend’s spirits will be lifted by your thoughtful message.
  4. Time. Nothing shows people how important they are to you like time. Whether you make a quick visit to their office, meet in a coffee shop, or linger over a meal together, your time speaks volumes to your ministry partners.

These methods of demonstrating authentic concern for your ministry partners combined with your passion for ministry and impact stories will keep your anchor partners engaged with you and your ministry. 

By Cindy Johnson, Ministry Advancement
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