Connect Meaningfully with Your Ministry Partners

The nature of ministry in The Navigators is relational. The key to our support is staying connected to our ministry partners in a way that continues and builds upon that relationship.

It only makes sense that we would let them know what is going on in our ministry, but truly connecting with them is so much more. We want to encourage each other, challenge each other, and pray for one another. A while ago, I had a few partners communicate with me that they were happy to support us, but they wanted more, they wanted to be connected enough that they knew what we were doing and pray for us regularly. It wasn't just about the money!

If you also want to connect in a meaningful way with your ministry partners, try these ideas:

-Make it a priority. You need to connect with your partners on a regular basis. Visiting or phoning one partner a week will allow you to work through your ministry partner list every year or two. When you connect, catch up with their lives, family, personal ministry then end with an encouragement and prayer.
-Look over your list of ministry partners.
-Are there a few you haven't seen or spoken to in a while?
-Is there anyone locally you could have a meal with?
-Are there a few partners you won't be able to visit but now would be a strategic time for a 20-30 minute phone call?
-Schedule visits or calls this month.

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