The Fun of a Donor Visit
Conducting a Donor Visit

Ministry partners are more than just names on a list.  They are people who give faithfully to your ministry, and they need to see you once in a while.  How can you make donor visits fun?

Take a long weekend, and stay two nights with one donor, but schedule meals and times between meals with as many different donors as you can.  Bring small gifts for everyone you meet with.  Pay for meals out or pizza in.  Have a few pictures, a couple of interesting ministry stories, and a bunch of questions for them.  Be sure to pray with your friends before saying good-bye.  Then, before the next donor visit, jot down a few things that came up in conversation so you can pray for them and refer to those items in thank-you notes, emails, or phone calls.

Remember that these are your friends your sharing this time with—people who give, some sacrificially, to the ministry God has called you to.  God has already moved in their hearts, and of all the requests out there, they chose to support you.  Delightful ministry happens when you get together, because they already care for you.  Now, go see ‘em!

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