Praying for Ministry Partners

For years, Ben and I had a hard time finding a workable system to faithfully pray for our ministry partners and their prayer requests. One day, a friend shared an idea her family used, and we adapted it for ourselves. It has really helped!

We started with a pack of index cards and a card box. We wrote a partner’s name on the top of each card, including their spouse and kids' names. On the lines beneath, we listed any prayer requests we knew about. We put the card box on our dining room table and started praying for one ministry partner family each day at dinnertime. 

Now that we have kids, we include them in the process as well. We want them to know that God uses our friends to help provide for our ministry and that we are thankful for them.

Each year when we receive Christmas cards, we save photos from ministry partners and attach them to the back of their index card (we use 4x6 cards so they are large enough for photos). This also helps our kids get to know the faces of our ministry partners and makes them personal to our kids.

We ask for prayer requests in our email updates, watch for things to pray about on Facebook, and also occasionally include postcards pre-addressed to us in our newsletter mailing. We ask our partners to jot down a prayer request and mail the postcard back to us. Many of them do!

This system helps us feel much more connected to our ministry partners and is a great reminder to pray for them regularly and follow up with them. Including our kids in praying for our partners reminds all of us that our partners are a vital part of our ministry. Our work would not be possible without them!

Ben and Melissa Nugent, Collegiate Staff, Florida
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