Thankful Thursdays

Every Thursday I write thank-you notes to giving friends. Today I wrote four notes. One was to a friend who gives $25 every 2-3 years. The others were to annual donors who gave recently. I think it means a lot to our giving friends that we thank them quickly. Maybe this is why they keep giving!

Each Thursday before I begin, I go through these steps.

-I check my donor income report on NavCentral to see any new or special gifts. (If you’re a TntMPD user, you can also synch your giving records, which will generate a new task reminder.)

-I keep of supply of these things on my desk:

-A stack of Navigator notecards and envelopes (any nice cards will do)

-A roll of Forever stamps (buy a supply soon—prices increase in January 2013)

-Return address labels

-I write 2-3 simple sentences thanking my friend for his/her gift and investment in the Kingdom.

-I record that I’ve written the note for future reference (again, TntMPD is an easy place to track this).
Another Thursday is right around the corner. Make it a “Thankful Thursday”!


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