Defeating Hopelessness with Truth

The feeling of hopelessness in relation to funding is a familiar one, indeed. Several times in the past couple years, I have questioned the reality of achieving the “fully funded” goal. What I wanted more than anything was someone to tell me how to get out of my “funk” – practically. Hearing “You just need to trust God more,” or “Are you praying about it enough?” are not the kind of practical steps that help one transition away from feeling like the funds will never come in and having no motivation to try. 
When we feel hopeless in our fundraising, it is easy to get stuck in our emotions and to allow the “I’m not good enough at this” and “Maybe God doesn’t really want me in ministry” thoughts to take over. 
It is important to remember that hopelessness is a feeling—not a truth. To find my way out of hopelessness in funding, I remind myself often that
I know how to fundraise! 
I have attended the best funding school available to missionaries.
I have been coached by people who have walked ahead of me in this journey.
I have a team of people (the MPD team) who want to help me in this journey.
When you are feeling stuck in hopelessness and struggle to believe that fundraising is possible, remember that
you are trained,
you are competent, and 
you are not alone. 
Practical steps? Go back to your funding school notebook. If it has been a while since you were trained, ask your supervisor for a refresher, or ask someone in MPD to go over the concepts with you again and make a plan. Surround yourself with positive and supportive peers who will listen to you when you feel discouraged. Ask them to hold you accountable to the tasks outlined by your training. 
In this way we can defeat hopelessness, carry each other’s burdens, spur one another on to positivity and success.
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