Never Presume

During a trip “home” to the Bahamas, I visited a small, rural church that lies on the edge of a Haitian community in a lower economic area. Driving to the church, I felt excited to share how God had opened many doors to the advance the Gospel on the FAMU campus. I knew no one at the church; my father knew the pastor, and that was the only reason I approached the church. I didn’t expect them to give much, but I figured they would make great prayer partners. However, God showed me who He is and how He can move anytime, anywhere, through anyone He wants!

After my appeal, the pastor gave me the first half of their gift right then. He said I could expect the second half in six months. I returned to the church months later to update the pastor and his wife on how things were going on campus. I knew that with the state of their economy, it would be perfectly understandable if they couldn’t give the second gift. I was still excited about the first half! To my surprise, they faithfully gave me the second half as promised.

Their total gift equates to the largest gift I’ve received in ministry. Even when I forget how big He is, He remains true to His character.

The amount I received from this small church in the Bahamas is not the most important part of the story to me; I also learned valuable lessons.

-Never presume to know whether people can or will give, nor how much. 
-Never let presumptions affect the way the appeal is delivered, i.e., asking for prayer instead of a financial gift.

We never know what God will do or how He will bless us!

Sandy Lee, Collegiate Staff, Florida A&M University

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