Referrals: God Provides Through Friends of Friends

During my fundraising journey, I found myself at a place where I had no new people to ask to support my ministry, but I still had a lot of support to raise. So, I began asking my friends and family if they knew anyone who might be interested in hearing about my ministry. 

My aunt gave me a few people's contact information, and one of the house churches I called from her list invited me to share at their Sunday gathering. I felt nervous to talk in front of a group of people I had never met, but they were very kind. I did not expect them to give much if at all, because there were only 15 people in the church.

However, a few weeks went by, and I received a letter from them with a check for $1,000! I was so amazed at their generosity, and praised the Lord for being abundantly faithful to me even when I felt reluctant to step out in faith and speak. 

He has since allowed me to be 100% funded for the past two years (even with a budget increase). What a wonderful Provider we have! When we place our whole well-being at the feet of the Lord, He does not take it lightly. Instead, He jumps at the opportunity to show how much He loves us and can take care of us.


Jenelle Nicholas, EDGE Staff, University of California, Riverside
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MPD comment: It’s important to note that Janelle asked her friends and family if they knew of people who might like to hear about her ministry—not who would support her. 



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