The Bigness of God: Believing God for More

A friend who is a businessman has been generous to Jane and me in the past. I contacted him again to invite him to lunch. I mentioned that during our lunch I would offer him the opportunity to give to our Navigator Legacy Fund. He willingly agreed to meet, and we scheduled a time.

When I told my funding coach I was going to ask my friend for $3,000, he said, “If you can ask for $3,000, then ask for $10,000.” I took the counsel.

During lunch with my friend, after we had visited for a while and finished our meal, I moved through my appeal by drawing two concentric circles on a napkin. I told him of our excitement to support young people in our ministry, and that we needed people to give at two levels: people in the outer circle to give $3,000 to $5,000, and people in the inner circle to give $10,000. As he digested what I said, I called his name and asked, “Which circle would you like to be in?” I held my breath and waited. He replied, “The $10K circle.”

Wow! I somehow stayed composed, but I wanted to shout for joy! Through this generous friend, God did more than I, on my own, would have imagined possible!

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