Getting Started with TntConnect

TntConnect is a donor-management system to help you manage your contact list, fundraising efforts, donor ministry and more! It is offered for free by a missionary named Troy Wolbrink (formerly with Cru). More information about TntConnect can be found at 

How to set up TntConnect before arrival at The Navigators funding school:

1) INSTALL TntConnect on your computer. Links to downloads are here: PC and MAC. If you need additional help installing the program, these videos will walk you through the download process for either a MAC or a PC. While the videos are a few versions behind, all the steps are still relevant.

2) CREATE your contact list. You will want to create your contact list in a format that is compatible with TntConnect. Download this document and save it to your computer, then begin adding your contacts (there is an example contact included in the document, feel free to delete it and add your own). Once your contacts have been added, save it as a CSV file on your computer. Using the document provided will ensure that all of your data will upload correctly into TntConnect. This video explains how to create your list so that it can be uploaded into TntConnect.

3) IMPORT your contact list. After you have created and saved your contact list as a CSV file, you need to import it into TntConnect. This video will walk you through the import process. **It is important that you have complete contact information for every contact before uploading (minimum: name(s), phone number(s), and address) We WILL be using this information at Funding School!**

4) BUILD your "Top 100" group. Your Top 100 are the first 100 people that you will contact when you begin fundraising. These are people that God is leading you to meet with Face-to-Face. This video will teach you how to create and manage specific groups of contacts in TntConnect. Wondering who should be included in your Top 100? Check out this handy tip from the MPD Team.  

There will be a short TntConnect training time at your funding school session with The Navigators. In this training, you will learn how to use TntConnect throughout the fundraising process. You will also have an opportunity for Q&A and one-on-one help with the program. It is essential for you to arrive at funding school with the above four steps completed.

For those who would like to know more details about the features of TntConnect, see the complete list of all the TntConnect tutorial videos here and additional articles and information can be found here

Please contact Brooke Barnes on the MPD Team with any questions. 
(719) 594-2491

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